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The absolute best in timber & steel shoreline design and construction.

Shoretech Marine specializes in shoreline and marine projects


The most beautiful and resilient boathouses. Our boathouses stand out anywhere.

Docks & Piers

No two piers are alike. Each project is custom designed and built for your location.

Bulkheads & Retaining Walls

We are the designer and builders of some of the most beautifully built bulkheads in the state.

Special Projects

Timber bridges, pond design, dam building, and other shoreline projects.

Commercial Projects

We also have experience in developing marinas, subdivisions and other commercial property.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Shoretech Marine Consulting LLC is one of the top commercial/residential marine design consultants in southeast Texas and Louisiana, and Shoretech Marine Construction is one of the top residential and light commercial “Best Marine Design/Builders” in the entire Southern United States as a result.

Shoretech Marine specializes in land and shoreline projects, such as but not limited to timber bridges, shoreline bulkheads and retaining walls, piers, docks, boathouses, decks, marinas, and creating your own personal paradise out of a blank piece of property.

We’ve built over 250 boathouses in the Trinity River drainage system between Dallas and the coast, and over 600 other projects throughout the southern US in or around Trinity River, San Jacinto River, Lake Livingston, Lake Conroe, Houston County Lake, Lake Palestine, Lake Nacogdoches, and Lake Houston. So if you live anywhere near Galveston, Seabrook, Baytown, Clear Lake, Trinity, Onalaska, Livingston, Huntsville, Conroe, Houston County, Crockett, or Lufkin, be sure to give us a call!

Boathouses Built

Completed Projects

Quality Guarantee

Shoretech Marine is not an economy level builder. We prefer to use ONLY the best materials and build the longest-lasting projects. If you are looking to cut corners and use the cheapest temporary fix available, such as “patching” in order to sell a property to some unsuspecting buyer, please do not call us. This is not what we do.

We are primarily interested in building projects to last a lifetime if possible. This is also why we have the longest warranties you will find. Typically our guarantee on marine construction on large Texas and Louisiana lakes and reservoirs, such as Livingston, Rayburn or Conroe and along the Gulf Coast will be around 2 to 5 years, depending on the project. On private ponds and small lakes it can extend to 10 years because we only use the absolute best building techniques and materials available.

Latest Projects

Steve Wells Two Slip Wetbar Entertainment Boathouse

This is the final result of a long rainy spring. For a while there I was thinking it might turn into a swamp and float off into Lousianna. The rainiest spring in history actually~! The clay is still wet 1" down, and hopefully we will not see much more in the next week so we can make it 100%

Lake Conroe Subdivision Projects

The subdivision drainage system and its bulkhead was one of the larger projects we have done under the Shoretech Marine business name.

Moseley Boathouse

The Moseley Boathouse in Austonio is coming along nicely also. A 2,500 sq. ft. boathouse with almost 2,900 sq. ft. of metal roof, this will be really something considering its on a private 46 acre lake.

Working In Construction Design & Engineering For Over 40 Years

We are absolutely the one-stop-shop for your project design and construction requirements! So if you purchase a piece of property to live or retire on you can rest assured that we can help you design and develop it into a dream environment maximizing its value.

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Weather Resources

We will do our best to complete your project in a timely manner, weather permitting. We CAN NOT work on a project if there is ANY chance of lightning. Here are some useful sites that we use to determine if there are bad weather conditions.

Weather Underground Radar

Other Resources

Here are some additional resources:

  • USACE General Permits
    Nationwide Permits (NWPs) are a type of general permit issued by the Chief of Engineers.  Learn more on the USACE website.
  • Trinity River Authority Lake/River Data
    The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district and maintains a master plan for basin-wide development.  Learn more on the TRA website.